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As a children's book author, I delight in the wisdom animals bring. Through my enchanting stories, I aim to ignite a sense of empathy, foster resilience, and emphasize the profound importance of connecting with others and the natural world. Join me on extraordinary adventures, where animals become wise guides, nurturing kindness and courage. Let's embark on a journey of joy and discovery! Click below for a list of published books.

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Meatloaf Goes to Work

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Meatloaf Goes to Work is a heartwarming children's book series following the lovable adventures of a puppy named Meatloaf. Each book explores different professions as Meatloaf learns valuable lessons about friendship, bravery, and empathy while making a positive impact on others. Through engaging storytelling, colorful illustrations, and relatable themes, young readers are inspired to embrace their passions and cultivate compassion and empathy.


The Adventures of Foxy, Fluff and the Gruff

Coming soon

Three unlikely friends, a domestic dog, grumpy bug, and butterfly, engage on an enchanting journey filled with friendship and discovery. Tired of their mundane routine the trio embark on an extraordinary adventure overcoming challenges and learning life lessons along the way.

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